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The Enchantment of 3 Kings Madrid Fiesta to Children

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The country of Spain is very famous in its fiestas, more than ever if you celebrate events at Madrid City. For the period of Spanish merriment, hotels in Madrid are usually full in bookings so you have to call for reservation earlier than the date of your departure to Madrid, so that the circumstances cannot dissatisfy you.

Yes, it is clear that most of the hotels are classy and costly, but don’t worry because Madrid hostels are extremely ideal for visitors who are watching their budget on holidays in the City. This means that in Madrid you have so many things to choose from, with great alternatives to resort for other choices too.

That’s why it’s undeniable to acknowledge Spain as one of the best nations all over the world, especially when you get noted on their fiestas and celebrations. On the other hand if you are planning to visit to Madrid City on the upcoming Christmas holiday, it would be more fun if you carry on your holiday until 6th of January, because partying does not yet end to rejoice in relation to the Holy King. January 6 in Madrid will be commemorating the 3 Kings or the 3 Wide Men (Reyes) who were bearing gifts for Jesus from the East. This fiesta is enchanting for children in the city, see the reason:

On January 5th

On the 5th of January in the evening, you should go to C/Alcala to witness the parade (cabalgata) which is celebrated every year round. The Noche de Reyes where lots of children together with their parents they are going to gather together in this area to see the parade that can also be watched through television.

There will be loads of floats and riders who will throw candies and sweets to the children. After the celebration, local families usually unite to have a grand dinner together.

On January 6th

You will absolutely enjoy again in the next morning because the celebration for the 3 Kings will be heighten the excitement more than you expect. Adult local Spanish people in Madrid have no problem deferring their disbelief. In the news, a father of small children said that to celebrate the 3 Kings (Reyes) in Madrid makes the long time ago tradition come alive through Christmas.

Therefore, the 3 Kings in Madrid bears a serious issue for many parents because they made their children believe a fantasy for their pleasure. You can observe on the children faces how happy they are on the said event. Now, whose mean enough to break the enchantment that you can see to the children faces? This is how significant is the celebration of 3 Kings to locals.

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