February 14th, 2013

Traditional Madrid Cuisines that will make you crave for more

Universally known for its marvelous eating places: restaurants, cafes, and vigorous bars, Madrid City has a flexible side for your family. You can stay comfortably in one of the best hotels Madrid and have some fun around for tour. You can think about bringing them to museums, amusement park which is perfect for kids, or set out to the City’s countryside for beach holiday.

There are so many activities to do in Madrid ranging from kids to adults categories that will wear you out with a high regards of satisfaction. Yet, with all the fun activities, don’t let Madrid cuisine passes through. Dishes here are delightful that you and your family will totally love.

Try to eat these traditional cuisines in Madrid that will make you crave for more:

Cured Ham (Jamon)

One of the best hams in the City is the Jamon Iberico de Bellota that is exclusively made for Madrid. It is expensive but you will never regret the price because the taste will penetrates in your throat. There are different ways to cook a ham. If you like, eat put the ham in a baguette (a stick-shaped long bread). Go ahead to Museo del Jamon to purchase one.

Horchata de Chufa

This is milk made of the tuber roots. You will like to drink it more since it non-alcoholic drink, thus, it’s good for kids too. Its taste is long-lasting on the tongue; pine for its nutty, delicious, and sweet flavor. Don’t worry, this beverage is offered at the country’s supermarkets or to any Madrid’s grocery stores. Its affordable and good.


This Madrid cuisine is eggs that are scrambled with other recipes like wild asparagus, a little sweet Spanish paprika, etc. This cuisine is classic among other traditional Madrid cuisines. The taste is terrific! You may find this on menus in some of the hotels Madrid restaurants with a large mixture of ingredients blended together into the eggs.

So there’s no need to spend too much money to taste the City’s traditional cuisines. That’s why there’s always a place for families who are in vacation in Madrid that watching out their budget. The Madrid hostels and the dishes mentioned are to the pocket.

February 11th, 2013

Get into Madrid Nightlife Vivacious Entertainment

When you talk about the attractions in Madrid, they are bound to be infinite to give you the best holiday n the City. Like Madrid museums, shopping centers, and more, these are the places that almost all visitors wouldn’t want to miss. But if you seek for extraordinary entertainment in Madrid, you won’t fallout with the City’s bizarre nightlife.

There are ample of bars and nightclubs there that propose incredible and vivacious entertainment that you have to get into. There you will stumble upon the lively live concert or just simply having fun ingesting your tapas and mug of beer.

You will also experience during Madrid nightlife that the dinner is not consumed by MadrilÚnes before 10 in the evening. As well, the nightlife in Madrid City doesn’t really set in motion awaiting 2 in the morning.

And if you come in Madrid during summer, you will be enforced to wander like the locals to meander around terraza to terraza because the enjoyment comes in this activity. After you have gone the whole night and dawn in Madrid nightlife and the day time comes, you will wonder this time where are those lively nightclubs last night? Actually during daytime, those wild night clubs turn to be calm cafes to relax you this time.

When you seek for a place with hundreds of bars, cafés, and clubs go ahead to Paseo de la Castellana, you will never fail to hit what you are looking for. Maybe you might consider Madrid car rental to enliven more the vivacious entertainment offered by the City of Madrid that is not only to be experienced during nightlife, but also all throughout the day.


In order to make the real most exciting holiday in Madrid, you have to put everything in order. You should carry out a full research and bring together more significant information connected to well-known clubs, bars, and cafes in Madrid.

We travel to seek for pleasure, so don’t let things fall into pieces in Spain’s Capital City.

February 7th, 2013

Madrid Sightseeing to its Historic Core

What do you basically fancy to do when you visit a new place? When you plan to visit in Madrid, what reflect into your mind are surely the vibrancy and the combination of old and modern beauty of the City, in which you can do this rightly through sightseeing tour. Madrid travel guide of allmadrid.com can get you around the place by providing hints where to go with their basic information to help you out.

The sights in Madrid City are fortunately where you able to seize wisdom that’s beyond compare. The buildings and their functions have special history. Do not miss the modern sights situated bound to urban areas, and of course, the historical spots that will surely astound you seeing the City’s historic core found at:

1. Colegiata de San Isidro

This is a Catholic church that was built early in the 17th century. This church was Madrid’s Cathedral in between the year 1885 to 1992. The decoration of the interior is very amazing from the 17th century notion of Spanish religious structural design.

2. Iglesia de San Pedro el Viejo

This is Madrid’s one of the ancient churches way back 14th century. The statue of Jesus el Pobre is the most renowned attraction here since 18th century, which is the one they carried in the procession every during Maundy Thursday.

3. San Jeronimo el Real located

This is located in Retiro, which is a monastery since 16th century built in Gothic style. This monastery has significant bond to the Spanish kingdom.

4. Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales

This is another grand monastery in Madrid in Centro where you truly love the ancient simple style of the building but visibly grandeur. You don’t need to be a Catholic to appreciate the church architectural, art, and historical wisdom.

Any of these four historical sights in Madrid that put the City being the historic core; you will experience a truly cherished visit. And of course, do not forget to think of your accommodation in one of the hotels in Madrid city centre. Everyday, you will have the best stay and visit here.

February 5th, 2013

Madrid Park to Escape the City’s Crowdedness and Traffic

Being the heart City of Spain, despite its crowded spots and traffics in central areas, Madrid still remains charming. When you go to museums and visit monuments, its architectural features in terms of modernity and primeval is even more becoming pleasantly apparent to visitors. So Madrid travel guide is widely offered on the Internet due to increasing popularity of the beautiful spots found in the City.

When you want to escape from the crowd and traffic, you can set out to one of Madrid parks. These spots attract people most especially the tourists because parks here are unique and each has amazing landscapes.

Since there are several parks within the City, Madrid travel guide can get you to the park that you like to be, but for certain, in a specific Madrid park that you may choose, you will totally enjoy the surroundings as well as the sounds of its serenity. And one of the most ideal parks to visit is the Parque del Capricho (Caprice Park).

Parque del Capricho or Caprice Park in English language is a mystical park in Madrid. Your aim to escape from the crowdedness in the city center will be certainly answered here. This is actually not famous even to the city’s inhabitants, just might be because it only opens during weekends and its location is at Alameda de Osuna, which is not really in the city center.


You will be surprised as soon as you get into the park with the special arrangements of small buildings resemblance of labyrinth that come into sight while you are strolling around the park.

The 2 of the buildings to be found here are:

  1. The “old cottage” or known as the Casa de la Vieja, the house of an old woman
  2. The “hermitage” where fray Arsenio, an old hermit lives

Special old story of the park

The whole ground of the park was bought by Duchess of Osuna in the 18th century. Duchess of Osuna was a part of a popular aristocratic family who was fond of arts, music, and literature. This family loves to spend their time if the garden for leisure.

To make your visit easier to Parque del Capricho, you can stay at one of Madrid apartments or hostels near Alameda de Osuna. You will have amazing days to see and experience such stunning and enjoyable spots within. That’s why you shouldn’t depart Madrid City without visiting this particular park.

February 1st, 2013

Madrid of the Essence Travel Gratifications

There are plenty of things to discover in Madrid City. Starting from your selected comfy Madrid accommodation towards the metropolitan’s open spaces, you can take agreeable break time all the way through. But before you travel out here, check the weather status first from the BBC weather. For the meantime, here’s the latest update of Madrid’s weather on Friday till weekends:

February 1 – it’s foggy at 7:00
it’s Grey Cloud from 10:00 – 22:00
February 2 – it’s Sunny from 10:00 – 16:00
it’s Clear Sky from 19:00 – 22:00

February 3 – it’s sunny Intervals from 10:00 – 13:00
it’s Sunny at 16:00
it’s Partly Cloudy from 19:00 – 22:00

The weather plays a great part to get gratification when you travel to Madrid. This is of the essence along with the opportunity to visit the Prado museum. This museum among the magnificent Madrid museums within the city has received its prime private endowment for decades with twelve Renaissance and medieval artworks the creations of famous Spanish artists.

You will never regret seeing the collection of paintings and sculptures endowed by a businessman in a ceremonial rite with the presence of Mariano Rajoy, a Spanish Prime Minister. He joined paintings by Spanish great painters including Velazquez, Goya, and El Greco in Prado museum.

The Prado museum is the reminiscence of a determined land that persisted in spite of the hardship it encountered before, said Prime Minister Rajoy. The endowment deepens in an amazing means a museum, which is very important element of Spain’s image.

Don’t neglect to visit the Prado museum, which is one of the most renowned Madrid museums and to the entirety of Europe. You will absolutely love to see “The Virgin of Tobed”, a brilliant illustration of art Italo-Gothic painting by Catalan which is ascribed to Jaume Serra. This painting is the church altarpiece innermost panel in the country’s northeastern part.

January 29th, 2013

The Almudena Cathedral Madrid Travel Guide

The City of Madrid in Spain is one of the world’s most touristy places. Believe it or not, there are over hundred of thousands of people from different countries have dreamed to travel in this city. Hotels Madrid is fully booked especially during peak season. Because the City is deepened with the imperative Spanish culture, history, and as well as contemporary civilization, it becomes a wonderful cosmopolitan for many.

Attributable to Madrid’s famous art work and cultural heritage, as a tourist you shouldn’t miss to visit the “Almudena Cathedral.” This place has massive visitors because it has numerous devotees even the international visitors.

Almudena Cathedral Madrid travel guide

If you want to go to the Cathedral, you may start at Opera metro station for this is its nearest metro, where you need to walk 5 minutes towards the Plaza de Oriente. This Cathedral lies openly to the southern side of the Royal Palace. If you want to access in its main entrance you should start from Calle de Bailen, otherwise, if you are staying in one of the hotels Madrid at Calle Mayor you can access the crypts to enter at the back the cathedral.

Is there entrance fee to enter the Almudena Cathedral?

There is no entrance fee (opening schedule 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM) everyone is welcome to visit here, yet, the Cathedral is close to tourists when the religious service is going on. Sunday masses are held every 10:30 AM, 12:00 noon, 1:30 PM, and the last mass at 7:00 PM

The unique building of the Almudena Cathedral

When you get into the Cathedral, you will absolutely admire its building on the covered walkway part was completely constructed in 1955, and the façade was completely constructed 5 years later. Too many years had passed; it wasn’t until the year 1993 when Pope John Paul II was at last inaugurated the Almudena Cathedral.

Madrid City has lots of wonderful sites within so touristy places is expectable. As a result, your trip to Madrid can be a complete pursuit with plenty of fun activities even through its adjacent places.

January 25th, 2013

Travel to Madrid Countryside with your Rented Car

Traveling is a great time. But of course this needs you to be responsible in terms to responsible spending of money if you are watching out your financial arrangement. To travel to Madrid can help you on this. There are cheap hotels in Madrid for your accommodation, wherein you can take advantage on its very comfortable room setting.

With the WiFi, entertainment set, air-conditioning, and the comfy clean bed and sofa sheets, you won’t think of any threats if ever it rains so hard or too hot outside. Moreover, when it comes to foods, you don’t need to go out to eat because there’s usually a restaurant in many hotels in Madrid that serve Spanish best gastronomy.

The most cost-saving is that, because there are copious beautiful sites within Madrid, you may enjoy walking around without noticing that you have already visited great sites in the city. But if you prefer to go beyond the city’s boundary, the finest option to save a couple of bucks is to consider Madrid car rental.

You really have to rent a car to travel around Madrid Spain. This idea opens up ideal advantages to see more of the most interesting attractions that can be found in the outer part of the city, which is a big plus for excitement in your holiday.

Besides the grand attractions in Spain’s heart City centre, do you know that there are loads of cultural spots that are near distance from Madrid?

In old town of Segovia is the home of the aqueduct which is one of the renowned World Heritage Sites located just about 80 kms. from the center of Madrid. The aqueduct is a very interesting spot since it was constructed by the Romans in 1st Century AD. Don’t miss the Alcazar, which is a palace built in 11th century. It was once a home of notable list of Royal families. And don’t forget Toledo Town.There you found the El Casco- the picturesque Old Quarter.

That is why Madrid car rental can be the finest option in terms to traveling afar from the City of Madrid.

January 24th, 2013

Hotels in Madrid City Centre Best Fit for Budget-Cognizant Travelers

People in Madrid are renowned for their cultural views, ancient stories, and never failing unbreakable party lifestyle. The magnificent museums and monuments are the famous areas to visit in the morning, and bars and cafes are the best spots that keep MadrilÚnes stay up from dusk till dawn. In order to not to pass these exciting activities, you should start calling for reservation in hotels in Madrid City centre.

In the heart of the City, there are amazing hotspots for all types of people’s passion –for art-lovers, for those who love entertainments, seek for green spots in parks and gardens, and more – most of these sites are to be found within the City’s center.

To choose a hotel located in the center of the Spain’s major cosmopolitan might be the most suitable for you if you are one of those budget-cognizant travelers. How hotels in Madrid City centre help you with your budget?

Because you are in the City center, you get cheaper in transportation fare. Lots of great sites here such as:

  • Gran Via, which is a fashionable shopping street;
  • Plaza Mayor, a place where significant and special events of the city are commonly held;
  • Parque del Buen Retiro, which is the most popular park in Madrid where you enjoy the lake, monuments, and more that your family will absolutely love it there too.

You can get into these sites by walking from your hotel Madrid accommodation that is why in Madrid, you are welcome when you are in budget constraints. And the association of swimming pools and spa centers included in the hotels amenities, there’s no need to bring your family to beach for cooling off.

If you worry about getting a reservation in the center area of Madrid, don’t be, because there’s a pack of delights serve for visitors like you when it comes to hotels in Madrid City centre. It is the most energetic City in Spain with large number of accommodations not only the hotels, because the Capital of Spain will never leave her visitors and people unsatisfied.

January 22nd, 2013

To Visit the Famous Landmarks is Madrid Travel Concepts

When it comes to visiting Madrid, the excellent concept here to fulfill the visitor’s pleasure is to never fail to break in their journey to the City’s landmarks. From wide ranges of Madrid accommodation within the center area, visitor’s can easily get into its famous and one of a kind landmarks such as the:

  1. The emblematic art gallery of Prado Museum is the art enthusiast place
  2. The Plaza Mayor of the Habsburg’s dynasty
  3. The Reina Sofia Museum where the whole Picasso collection is housed with Dali and Miro’s collected works too
  4. Retiro Park is Madrid’s largest park
  5. El Escorial Royal Palace, Monastery, and Pantheon with a magnificent Renaissance architectural concept of Phillip II
  6. The Royal Palace which is eminent as the whole Europe’s splendid Royal residence ever
  7. The museum of Royal Fine Arts Academy where Saint Ferdinand fine arts are housed
  8. El Rastro Market where visitors may want more to shop and shop. It is known as the “whirlwind of sellers and buyers”
  9. Royal Monastery is the 16th century convent that still stood up to the current 21st century (it is still the house of nuns)
  10. Thyssen Museum is the home of the Spain’s public collections

Strolling around Madrid is a well-liked way to visit and observe these lavish landmarks that some of them are centuries old already. If you are lucky enough to get a reservation in one of the hotels in Madrid located in its heart, you have the chance to stroll all day till night and satisfy your eyes with amazing ancient and modern buildings and backdrops.

Madrid is a City in Spain and the entire Europe’s that has it all – anything for a visitor to enjoy and take pleasure in throughout their vacation in this Capital City of Spain. Aside from the above landmarks, the festive Bullfighting and Flamenco are fulfilling the more.

January 19th, 2013

Things to be Careful before you get into Madrid Bars

When you travel in Madrid and you want to do something fun during the night, try to go out and visit Madrid bars, these are the best sites to go to fill up this craving. So much fun you will experience in bars, and they are reachable close to Madrid apartments, hotels, and hostels in the City centre.

In the Plaza de Santa Ana is the largest area for tapas bars in the City. There you will love the ambiance of the open-air restaurants. Most of the time when 4 o’clock in the afternoon strikes, the area is getting crowded especially on summertime, yet, less crowded during the month of February.

If you are searching to unwind, you can always do this activity around the City as long as you do it with open-mind and carefully. Here are some tips about things you need to careful to keep you safe in going to Madrid bars on very late at night:

Choose a good bar

Typical bars in Madrid are those tapas bars where you can order a bigger variant of food or a tapas and a drink. If you don’t like crowded bars, you can still select a bar within your choice. Madrid bars may vary on less crowded areas for those who like to go out at night just to chill out in a cool place as bars, and there are also those too crowded which is ideal for people who extremely look for enjoyment.


You cannot tell the time, there are times that are unpredictable. So in order to secure yourself, never tell anyone, even to a person whom you just meet that night if you are alone. There are some people that might take advantage on you.

Set a boundary in drinks

Drinks can get you dizzy when you get drunk. Especially if you are alone, you need to set a boundary to 2 to 3 drinks only; otherwise, you won’t like the result for sure. It’s too dangerous if someone will make a fool on you. Meeting people in bars can be so fun, but security must come first for yourself.