me-in-spain-300x224Hi all, Spencer here. I am an American born, Madrid transplant that has absolutely fallen in love with all things Madrid.

I moved to Madrid shortly after college and thought that it would be just a temporary stay—adding a bit of world culture to my overall academic experience—but 15 years, a wife, and two kids later proved otherwise. I’ve started a family, a career, and made countless friends in the process.

AllMadrid.com is a blog I started to talk about my experiences moving across the Atlantic and being an American in a Spanish city. Not many of my friends from back home have done this and I thought it would be neat to give them a sense and feel of living abroad. The idea was to give some perspective to my thoughts on the things that are happening around me, but oftentimes I just blog about the cool events that are going on in my community.

In some sense I use this blog as a way to keep people up to date with what’s happening over here in a way that Facebook can’t do. Facebook is meant for quick glimpses of people. I try to make this blog very personal and I want people to feel as if they know me once they are done reading it. Hopefully you feel this way.

Any by all means, take a trip abroad sometime. It doesn’t even have to be Madrid. It could be anywhere. Go outside of your comfort zone; experience the world. After all, it could change your life.