How to Enjoy Spain Like You Live There: Best Outdoor Hiking


It took me the better part of a year from first moving to Spain to actually venture outside of the city. After all, I was young and the city really had everything that I needed.

It had food, my friends, things to do, work, everything I needed. But, about the second year of moving to Madrid, one of my coworkers asked me if I enjoy the outdoors, and I said of course! Who doesn’t enjoy the great outdoors?

Little did I know, he was the real deal and much more serious that I was, but it turned out to be a good thing because I got to see a side of Spain that I never otherwise would have.

Hiking in Spain: A Survivor’s Guide

Just as if you were to go camping anywhere, there are a few essential items that you need to bring with you anytime you go hiking in Spain and around the Madrid area generally.

Here is a short list of items to include in your bug out bag for your hiking trip. You can read more here for a fuller list of items to bring, but these are the general basics.

The first essential item is clean drinking or some kind of filtration system that will allow you to drink water as you find it. Even if you do have some kind of hiking h20 filter, you will still want to bring some with because you always run the risk of not finding any water. If you only have a water filter but don’t find any water, the filter doesn’t exactly do a lot of good does it?

My suggestion is to get a water bottle that has a water filter inside of it. This is the best of both worlds and will help you in most smaller hiking trips. You can fill the water bottle up before you leave you house and drink as you go. Then, as you find water on the trip you can continue to fill it up. This save you space in your backpack, because you need to carry everything that you bring on a hiking trip.

The second essential item in a real survivalist bug out bag is some kind of food supply. Now, most people get carried away with the food that they bring and end up bringing way more than you really need.

You don’t need some expansive emergency food kit for a basic hiking trip. All you will need is a few granola bars or a package of trail mix. Actually trail mix is a great source of energy, it’s tasty, which most emergency survival food isn’t, and it’s pretty cheap.

If you go to the local convenience store and buy a package of trail mix, that should be all you need for a 20-mile hike. If you are going longer than 20-miles, or if you are going on a route that you have never been on before, then you might want to bring a little more food, just to be safe. If not, that should be all you need.

Again, packing light is the key because if you load up your backpack full of stuff you aren’t going to use or need, you are just losing energy faster than you otherwise would.

These are some of the tips my coworker showed me about hiking and surviving in the great outdoors in Madrid. I’ll go over my hiking trips in a future post.