Experiencing New Foods When You Move


You have to be a pretty adventurous person if you’re going to move all the way across the world to live, go to school, work, etc. But even the most adventuresome among us can have a hard time breaking out of our shell once we arrive at our new location.

Moving to a new country is a shock in many ways. It’s much different than moving across the country is. I hip-hopped across the United States for a number of years before finally settling down over here and let me tell you, moving to a new country is much different than just skipping throughout cities. Some of you might be thinking, well moving to a city like New York is pretty close to moving to a country. Trust me, it isn’t.

The beauty of America is that you can feel at home in just about all 50 states, no matter where you are. If you’re from Massachusetts, moving to California might feel a little strange, but you’ll still feel at home. The language is the same; the overarching culture is still the same, all of the news programs and movies, restaurants, etc., are the same. You still feel at home in a sense.

You don’t have any of these luxuries, however, when you move outside of a country. Now, don’t get me know. None of this is to scare you off from taking the incredible journey to move abroad. It’s just making you aware of the feeling you might encounter and I want to show you how you can overcome it.

While you may feel the urge to hide inside your shell when you land, you need to fight that urge. And I’m here to help you!

The best way that I found to get out there and experience this great new world that there is to offer you is to get out there and experience the food that awaits you. Everyone needs to eat! That is an undeniable fact, so when you are eating in a new place, you need to take advantage of everything that that place has to offer you. Try going to new restaurants, small mom-and-pop diners, or hole in the wall food stands. Some of those can be the best the city has to offer and they can really put you in touch with the culture of your new home.

This is exactly what I did when I first moved to Madrid. I was a little bit shy and I didn’t exactly know how to navigate throughout the city, but I did my best and I always tried a new place to eat. Every night. Every night I would go to a different restaurant, a different bar, a different food truck. It was amazing. And soon I exhausted all of the ones near my house, so I had to expand my area, which led me to meeting more people, seeing more of the city, and getting in touch with the local community.

It’s that easy! We don’t always need to make everything so hard. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us in the form of a daily nutritional necessity. We need to eat, so why not make the best of it?